Spray drying

Aumgene Biosciences has fully equipped large scale spray drying facilities to offer contract spray drying / toll manufacturing services for various products such as nautral extracts, protein & protein hydrolysates, enzymes, food & neutraceutral products, .

The spray dryer plant uses natural gas a fuel and the air is heated indirectly. So the product does not come in contact with the fuel. The plant is PLC controlled with cycon seprators and water scrubbing unit for maximum recovery of the spray dried powder. The inlet air to the spray dryer is filtered using pre-filter and hepa filters for clean air.

Depending of the product characteristics the spray dryer has option of using two types of feed optimization – Rotary disc atomizer as well as fluid nozzle.

Below is a partial list of product categories for which we offer contract spray drying services

    – Enzymes
    – Protein & Hydrolystates
    – Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins
    – Neutraceuticals
    – Natural exctracts
    – Food products

    Kindly email or call us to discuss your spray drying needs.