Microbial flora of soil is one of the most  important component for its fertility & productivity. Microorganisms are most essential for nitrogen fixation, solubilization and / or mobilization of phosphorus, potassium & various other micronutrients that are essential for plant development and growth. Microbes also play a strong role in soil pH balance &  water retention. Over the last 1 or 2 decades, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pestcides have drastically reduced the population of benefecial microbes in soil.

Microbial innoculants (also known as Biofertilizers, Biopesticides or Bioinnoculants) can be added to regain or retain the good soil condition and plant health.

We manufacture the following types of biofertilizers / bionnoculants.

– Bacillus megaterium (Phosphate solubilizing biofertilizer for all crops)

– Azospirillium brasilence (Nitrogen fixing biofertilizer for all crops)

– Azotobacter chroococcum (Nitrogen fixing biofertilizer for all crops)

– Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus (Nitrogen fixing biofertilizer for Sugarcane only)

– Bradyrhizobium japonicum (Nitrogen fixing biofertilizer for all leguminus crops)

All the above biofertilizers are strains are available concentrated liquid and powder form.

We also take up contract fermentation of client specific biofertilizers.


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